Empowering Dreams Through a Striking Partnership with PowerHause Academy

Empowering Dreams Through a Striking Partnership with PowerHause Academy

Kappa has recently solidified its commitment to grassroots football through its partnership with PowerHause Academy, as Official Kit Partner. This collaboration see’s Kappa designing bespoke black and green match day and training kits that not only align with the academy's vibrant colour palette but also encapsulate their ambitious spirit.

PowerHause Academy, founded by professional footballers Kortney Hause, Josh Laurent, and Danilo Orsi, is not just a football club. It is a community-driven initiative with a mission to instil life values and social skills in every child through the transformative power of sports. The academy provides local children with opportunities for football coaching, organised matches, and other activities in a safe, supportive, and encouraging environment. What sets PowerHause Academy apart is its dedication to shaping not only better footballers but, more importantly, better individuals through a range of extracurricular activities.

The academy's co-founders and ambassadors, who are professional footballers themselves, generously contribute their time, knowledge, and experience to support the holistic development and enjoyment of every child, unlocking their full potential both on and off the pitch.

This partnership between Kappa and PowerHause Academy stands as a testament to Kappa’s commitment to nurturing the future of football and empowering dreams through quality sportswear and community support. Kappa continually strives to provide high-quality, beautifully crafted kits not just for elite clubs but for grassroots clubs too, bringing out unique club identities and ambitions within each intricate design.

Kourtney Hause, one of the academy founders, expresses his excitement about the collaboration, emphasising the significance of outfitting the players with top-notch gear to foster a sense of pride and excellence. Josh Laurent echoes this sentiment, highlighting the role of a well-designed uniform in creating a sense of identity and belonging for young players. Meanwhile, Danilo Orsi declares the importance of coming together as a team and showcasing their unity through the kit.

Abbie Jones, Brand Manager at Kappa Teamsports UK & Ireland states “It’s significant partnering with an academy like PowerHause, which not only harbours immense sporting ambitions but also cultivates a supportive community network for young players. It’s of huge importance to share the stories of grassroots academies that play a crucial role in guiding players on their sporting journeys, both professionally and personally, whether that be through bespoke kit designs or collaborative partnership activations.”

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