PowerHause Academy Founders: Our Journey from Grassroots to the Top

PowerHause Academy Founders: Our Journey from Grassroots to the Top

Being a professional footballer transcends mere on-field performance; it involves a holistic commitment encompassing physical and mental preparation, unwavering dedication, teamwork, and adaptability. Amidst these multifaceted responsibilities, the convergence of footballers to mentor and support the next generation in grassroots settings underscores their profound appreciation for the transformative impact that grassroots sports can have on individuals and communities.

This commitment is exemplified by the founders of PowerHause Academy, who have united to extend their support and guidance to local children, providing them with the opportunity to partake in football. Their collective mission goes beyond the pitch, aiming to enrich lives, nurture social skills, and enhance childhood experiences through the benefits of team sports.

PowerHause Academy, conceived by Kortney Hause, Josh Laurent, and Danilo Orsi—three accomplished professional footballers—stands as a testament to their belief in the potential of every youngster. The academy's core objective is to empower children to engage in football and unlock their full potential, mirroring the trajectory of the founders' own personal journeys from grassroots beginnings to elite football.


Kortney Hause has developed his career from grassroots to the Premier League starting by signing at West Ham United and most recently playing as a Central Defender at Aston Villa since 2019. Kortney’s journey has seen him also play for Wycombe Wanderers, before joining Wolverhampton Wanderers for five years. Kortney represented his country, playing internationally for the U20 and U21 England teams, and therefore fully understands the journey a player takes from the grassroots scene through to elite play.

Kortney affiliates his success after being able to express himself through grassroots football, commenting: "I wouldn't be where I am today without grassroots football. That's why I want to give back and provide that same opportunity to kids who dream of becoming a professional footballer." 

He added: “My reason for co-founding the PowerHause Academy with Josh and Danilo is that I have achieved what I have achieved in the game, but I want to remember where I came from and give back to the next generation coming through in this sport.”

"Grassroots football was my first experience of making friends, I met Josh through grassroots, and he is my best friend today. My advice for those starting out is just to enjoy it, run around a lot, get muddy, and have fun with your friends!”



Danilo Orsi has honed his professional career and is now a Striker playing for Crawley Town FC since the 23/24 season, previously having played for Grimsby Town amongst other clubs. Danilo more unusually spent many years playing at the grassroots level before moving across into the elite world and shared: “I played grassroots football up until the age of 18 so I really understand the benefits it offers. For me, I always really enjoyed it and made lifelong friends through the years. I understand the importance of having a platform that allows the next generation to succeed both on and off the pitch."

“The main reason I co-founded PowerHause Academy was to give back to the community and get as many kids as possible in the local area playing football. With the hope of helping them achieve their dreams, like the dreams I and the other co-founders have achieved. My advice for anyone playing at a grassroots level is to believe in yourself and work hard but always enjoy it. As you get older, the pressure can increase but it’s important to always enjoy it.”


Josh Laurent is a Midfielder playing for Championship side Stoke City since 2022. Before this, Josh played for a number of professional clubs developing his own professional career from his grassroots beginnings. Josh stated that the start of his journey provided some of his fondest memories, amongst friends, at the grassroots level.

Josh also attributes his success to his experiences within grassroots and stated: “I’ve been lucky enough to have progressed into the professional game and PowerHause Academy gives me the opportunity to also be part of someone else's journey. We were all a kid with a dream."

The trio of founders not only share an unwavering passion for the sport but also hold a collective commitment to establishing a secure environment for both girls and boys in the local community. They aim to foster an atmosphere where young individuals can build confidence, take pride in their team affiliation, and, ultimately, cultivate a stronger sense of self through the power of sport.

Kappa takes pride in collaborating with PowerHause Academy not only in creating distinctive and impactful teamwear aligned to their vision and identity, but in sharing their grassroots academy story, highlighting their crucial role in guiding and supporting young players on their sporting journeys.