Dynamic Match Kit and Training Wear Designs for PowerHause Academy

Dynamic Match Kit and Training Wear Designs for PowerHause Academy

In the dynamic world of football, the visual representation of a team holds a significant place in building identity and fostering a sense of unity among players. Kappa is proud to partner with PowerHause Academy, designing bold match day and training kits that represent the vibrancy of the club and their mission to bring team spirit to their activities through collective identity.

The kit designs were born through a collaborative process between the club and Kappa’s in-house creative design team. The infamous Omini logo represents the equality of opportunities that Kappa and PowerHause Academy both stand for, whilst reinforcing the club’s ambition to bridge the gap between grassroots and professional football.

Bold green dominance:

The use of bold green as the primary colour for PowerHause Academy's match kit is a deliberate choice that goes beyond aesthetics. It symbolises the club's bold ambitions, energetic approach, and the vibrant spirit that defines the academy. The bold green is not just a colour; it's a statement that reflects the academy's commitment to standing out and making an impact both on and off the pitch.

A touch of Intricacy through patterns:

The black patterns adorning the sleeves of the PowerHause kit add a touch of intricacy and sophistication, with the blend of the bold green and intricate black patterns creating a harmonious visual balance. Beyond their visual appeal, these patterns represent the complexity and depth of the academy's mission to nurture young talents.

 Chrest close up of new PowerHause Academy kit by Kappa


Prominent club branding:

In the world of football, a team's identity is incomplete without its club branding. PowerHause Academy's Kappa kit doesn't shy away from proudly displaying the club's logo and name. The prominent branding serves as a reminder to every player wearing the kit that they are part of a larger community, bound by a shared vision.


Chest close up of new PowerHause Academy kit by Kappa


Kappa's commitment to excellence extends beyond aesthetics to the fit and quality of the fabrics used. The academy kit is designed to provide unparalleled comfort, enabling both the young girls and boys to play with confidence. Feeling comfortable in their kit is crucial for players to focus on the game in hand.

PowerHause Academy's growth ambitions are reflected not only in the quality of their players but also in the professionalism exuded by the entire organisation. The smart PowerHause branded training and travel wear, including jerseys, shorts, quarter-zip jackets and pants, create a sense of unity and purpose across the entire academy. This attention to detail aligns with PowerHause's vision of becoming a prominent force in the footballing world.


The founders all expressed their pride in seeing the team wear the new kits. Danilo Orsi, Academy Founder commented: “It has been great seeing the new kit out on the pitch being worn by the team. You don’t usually see this kind of kit design at this level, so it makes me feel really proud of what we have founded here and what we are achieving with these young people.”

Kortney Hause, Academy Founder added: “I have always been a fan of Kappa since the Robbie Kean days in the Tottenham kit. A big thanks to Kappa for creating our kit, it’s really smart and fits great too!”

In unveiling the bold green and black Kappa kit, PowerHause Academy has not just redefined its visual identity but has also set a standard for unity, ambition, and professionalism. The kit goes beyond being a piece of clothing; it is a symbol of empowerment for young talents who wear it with pride, knowing they are part of something bigger than themselves.


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